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Private Practice Consulting


Dr. Rhonda Johnson is available for consultation for those who are starting or growin their private practice. She has been working in private practice since 1999 and providing consultations since 2012. The cost of consultation is $150.00 per hour.
Paperwork that can be purchased from our office for us in your own private practice are:

  • Counselor Contract
  • Counselor Handbook
  • HIPAA Compliance Manual
  • Office Paperwork for Clients
  • Paperwork for Office Staff
  • Clinical Paperwork for Counseling Staff

Here are all the types of paperwork we have to offer: assesstment-tools-hdr



Topics That Can Be Addressed During Your Consultation:

  • Types of Private Practices and How to Achieve Success
  • Business Entity Choices
  • Considering Liability Options
  • Budgeting and Cost Effectiveness
  • Referral Sources and Coordinating Care with Other Providers
  • Successfully Hiring Staff with Effective Interview and Reference Questions
  • Developing Core Values for Your Business
  • Marketing and Getting Referrals
  • Goals for Your Business

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