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All Counseling




Play Therapy

(Ages 3-10)

As adults, we often talk or write about our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. For children, play is their language and way of expressing themselves to others. The toy a child chooses in the playroom and their play with that toy demonstrates their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. For that reason, toys used within the

Sibling/Group Play Therapy

(Ages 3-10)

Sibling and Group Play Therapy is a powerful tool for change in negative patterns of interacting. It provides a context where children can openly express the difficulties they may be facing and explore

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy involves both a child and their parent or caregiver in therapy. The therapist becomes a coach or mentor for the parent in learning how to use basic play therapy skills at home. These innovative techniques will help nurture the child as well as improve security, self esteem, and family attachment. Parents and caregivers

Family Play Therapy

(All Ages)

Family Play Therapy is similar to Sibling and Group Play Therapy in that the focus is on the kinds of interactions happening and how to transform these. Family Play Therapy includes the whole

Attending ARD/504 Meetings

(School Age Children)

Counselors from our office can be available to attend 504 and ARD meetings with parents of clients in our practice. The counselor would be serving in a supportive role for the parents and to participate in discussing solutions that might help a child through their school struggles.  With the parent’s permission, the counselors can collaborate with teachers and school counselors to help create a unified plan that can be consistent throughout a child’s different environments.  Having parents, schools, and counselors communicate and collaborate about a child’s individualized plan creates the opportunity for effective strategies to be put in place that each setting can use to affirm the child’s abilities.

For Pre-teens and Adolescents

For pre-teens and adolescents, counseling incorporates the student’s interests and corresponds with the emotional and developmental level of the student. Games, markerboard activities, and workbooks may be incorporated to provide a relaxed environment for the student to explore the reasons they are in counseling. Whether students are struggling with school, friends, parents, decision-making, or other concerns, counseling can help them to explore new ways of thinking and reacting, while providing parents with resources to support their child in maturing.

For Individuals and Couples

Individual Counseling

We want to create a plan that is customized to who you are and is based on your reasons for seeking counseling. We’ll use this plan to create a roadmap that helps us to match your specific needs with any questions we ask, any homework we give, and even the kind of approach we use throughout the counseling process .

Couples Counseling

Relationships can bring both our best and our worst moments in life. Differences in communication, spending habits, intimacy, extended family, or a combination of many issues can bring conflict in a relationship. Whatever place your relationship might be in, we can provide resources and tools that can help.

Christian Counseling

Our practice has partnerships with several churches within our community. By incorporating scripture and Christian values into counseling, an individual is able to grow both personally and spiritually through the counseling process.

Premarital Counseling

Pre-marital Counseling using the Prepare Enrich Assessment allows the pre-marital counseling to be customized for each specific couple. The assessment identifies strength and growth areas, which allows the couple to learn more about their relationship and the counselor to provide resources to increase marital satisfaction.

The Prepare Enrich assessment cover topics including:

  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Couples Mission Statement and Goals
  • Strength and Growth Areas for the Relationship
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Listening Skills
  • Identifying Personality Traits
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Family of Origin Concerns
  • Major Stressors in the Relationship
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