LPC/LMFT/RPT Supervision


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Whether you are seeking individual supervision, group supervision, or a combination of both of these, we have many supervisors on our counseling staff who can meet your needs. 
Dr. Rhonda Johnson has been a LPC/LMFT supervisor since 2007 and a RPT Supervisor since 2014. She has supervised counselors from agencies and those in private practice.
Jaime Colatriano has been a LPC supervisor since 2016. She is also able to supervise RPT hours. She works with counselors seeking supervision for play therapy.
 Marcy Conner has been a LPC supervisor since 2016. She specializes in working with couples and those wanting to learn about trauma.
All of our supervisors are currently accepting new Interns/Associates/ and prospective RPT’s for supervision.  
We do have a limited number of Intern positions within our office. These positions also require supervision by one of our supervisors. Interns and Associates seeking supervision for hours obtained off-site are responsible for their own client load either through an agency, hospital, internship site, or private practice.
Questions for a Supervisee to Consider When Choosing A Supervisor:
  • When did the supervisor have their last Supervisor Refresher Course? This is required every 2 years at renewal for supervisors.
  • When is the last time the supervisor read through the Board Rules and Code of Ethics?
  • Is the supervisor’s current position and experience something you would like to obtain or become in your own career?
  • Is a Supervision Contract and Informed Consent agreement being used to clearly outline responsibilities?
  • Has the supervisor ever had a complaint filed against them?
For LPC-Interns, LMFT-Associates, and prospective RPT’s, participating in supervision in our practice has many benefits.
  • Access to an experienced professional with private practice experience
  • Accountability for current ethical guidelines and board rules
  • Being held to the highest ethical standards of practice
  • Supervision Contracts and Informed Consent paperwork with all supervisees
  • Group supervision with other Interns and Associates when available
  • A thumb drive specific to working with issues with Adolescents/Adults or Play Therapy including resources, handouts, and continuing education information
  • Knowledge of opportunities for networking with other professionals
  • A compiled list of sites to obtain direct experience hours in the DFW Metroplex
  • Assignments to build the supervision relationship
  • Assignments to challenge the supervisee to reach their potential
  • Access to professionals who are leading trainings for other licensed professionals
For LPC Interns:
The state of Texas requires supervision for one hour a week as stated on the Supervisory Agreement Form. Only 50 percent of supervision can be obtained in a group format or by webcam.
For LMFT Associates:
The state of Texas requires supervision for one hour a week and for a minimum of 200 hours. A form can be completed for 100 hours of supervision from a graduate program to count towards the 200 hour requirement.
For RPT supervision: 
The Association for Play Therapy requires 35 hours of supervision from an RPT-S and 335 hours of Supervised Play Therapy Experience to become a Registered Play Therapist. With a supervisor who is not an RPT-S, the Association for Play Therapy requires 50 hours of supervision and 500 hours of Supervised Play Therapy Experience to become a registered Play Therapist.
The first step in considering supervision is to call our office. Education, previous practicum settings, past supervision experiences, goals, expectations, current practice setting, and theoretical background are evaluated in order to ensure a mutually beneficial supervision relationship.
The rate for an individual supervision session for LPC-Interns, LMFT-Associates, or a prospective RPT with Dr. Johnson is $80/session. The rate for group supervision with Dr. Johnson is $40/session.

The rate for individual supervision for LPC-Interns with all other supervisors is $60.00.  The rate for group supervision when available is $30.00.