Couples Counseling

Our counselors partner with you and your spouse.

Why Marriage Counseling at our practice?

Our counselors partner with you and your spouse to understand the cause and possible solutions to your marriage conflict.

A strained marriage relationship with negative communication and behavior patterns impacts children as well as parents.

What if I don’t know if I want to stay married?

Some couples don’t know if they want to stay married when they come to counseling. Counseling is a step for a couple to make decisions and move forward or accept the decisions of their partner.

Moving forward together does require both partners taking responsibility and being willing to take steps to improve the relationship.

Counseling can allow for taking responsibility, acknowledging acceptance, seeking forgiveness, and improving your relationship for you and your partner to be closer than you have before.

Concerns that come up in couples counseling:

– Negative relationship patterns learned in childhood
– Finances
– Infidelity or Intimacy
– Addiction
– Parenting

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