Individual Counseling

 One on one counseling to meet your individual needs.

What is counseling?

Counseling can mean a lot of different things to different people.

Counseling can look like:


Clients may feel alone from a lack of family support, physical limitations that hinder social relationships, or repeated losses of friends and family members.


Clients may want the accountability of someone encouraging them to read resources or take the next steps towards their goal.

Professional Experience

Clients may have struggled with depression or anxiety for a long time. Having a counselor to help explore options and alternatives for being able to have relief from symptoms.


Clients may be unsure of what they are needing and counselors can help them explore each next step to take.

In the first session, we will join with you to find out your reason for seeking counseling, your goals of what you are hoping to accomplish in counseling, and any important life history in relation to your goals.

You are the one making the decisions and determining the path of your counseling journey.

Why is the wait time so long to get into your practice?

We are very selective of the counseling professionals we hire. We are always on the lookout for new counselors, but want to maintain our positive practice culture and quality of counseling the professional can provide to the community. Our counselors have had many experiences in the field and have specific specialties to offer their clients. Because we operate on a model of hiring the right people vs. filling positions, we wait until we find the next right person for our team.

What if I need to get in sooner than the wait time or need evening appointments?

We have several options of counselors available within a few days at a self-pay rate. Our first option is newly hired fully licensed counselors who aren’t In-Network with insurance panels. We are at the mercy of the insurance panels to decide when they will implement contracts with our counselors. The second option is to schedule with our LPC-Interns and LMFT-Associates who have a lower self-pay rate. These counselors are under the supervision of a fully licensed counselor, who meets with them weekly to offer guidance. In Texas, the boards require 3,000 hours of counseling to reach full licensure, which can take between 18 months-5 years.

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