Kareecia Thompson


Kareecia Thompson, M.S.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kareecia Video Intro

Kareecia Thompson joined the Center for Counseling and Family Relationships in 2017. Kareecia – Jamaican born, earned her Master’s degree in Science in Family Therapy from Friends University located in Kansas in 2012. She received her License as a Marriage and Family Therapist- in 2018. Kareecia’s past counseling experience includes working at a domestic violence shelter and owning a private practice. Additionally, Kareecia’s experience extends to working with a nonprofit counseling agency serving a predominantly diverse group of teens, children, families who are school/ police referred, or court ordered for treatment.  Kareecia also worked for over 10 years in Human Resources Management before pursuing her counseling career.

Dr. Rhonda Johnson, Alison Fescenmeyer, and Kareecia Thompson have published two workbooks for families. They are available on Amazon or through our practice.

Family Connections: Preparing a Family for a Foster Care/Adoption Journey

Family Connections: Bonding a Family in a Foster Care/Adoption Journey


Kareecia’s aim is to help people see an expanded perspective of their life situations and gain tools for healing and growth.  Kareecia has a genuine love for people and she understands the importance of relationships.

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