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Who We Are!

Similar to a client seeking counseling, CCFAM was founded in 2007 as a result of life circumstances, taking a risk, and being willing to adapt to change and growth in order to not only survive, but to thrive. As the number of clients seeking services quickly began to multiply, Dr. Johnson became a supervisor for multiple licenses and credentials to employ other licensed professionals at different phases in their careers.  CCFAM has grown into a large group private practice with many specialties including play therapy and trauma/EMDR for all ages. Our Mission is that lasting change can happen by providing: Support on life’s journey, an Opportunity to heal, and Sifting of values during decisions (S.O.S) through Healing. Empowering. and Connecting.

Over a decade ago, Dr. Johnson’s passion for supervision and ethical practice led her to create CCFAM Training, a continuing education provider focused on ethics and supervision. In 2022, we launched Play Therapy Training Resources to house all of our play therapy trainings and resources for play therapy professionals. The Mission is providing a: Lasting impact, Equipping Professionals, and offering Diverse resources (LED) through Training, Supervision, Coaching, and Consultation to light the way for a lasting impact on the next generation of mental health professionals.

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