Filial Play Therapy


Filial Therapy involves both a child and their parent or caregiver in therapy. The therapist becomes a coach or mentor for the parent in learning how to use basic play therapy skills at home. These innovative techniques will help nurture the child as well as improve security, self esteem, and family attachment. Parents and caregivers learn how to engage their child with nondirective play to create a safe environment that allows for expressing emotions and needs, developing appropriate social boundaries and cues, and becoming skilled at solving their own problems. Families often find that it improves parenting skills and helps reduce the stress of parenting.

In Filial Therapy, the therapist will work with parents in a time limited manner, teaching them skills such as how to effectively set limits, how to listen empathetically, and how to interpret play themes. Therapy will transition from parents being coached “in real time” with their children in the therapy office to parents working with their children at home and consulting with the therapist about these home sessions.

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