Dr. Rhonda Johnson

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Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner
Certified Employee Assistance Professional
Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator

Dr. Johnson is the owner of The Center for Counseling and Family Relationships, which was established in 2007. Dr. Johnson received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Seminary in 1999 when she began working in private practice. She received her License as a Professional Counselor in 2001. Dr. Johnson completed her Doctorate in Psychology/Counseling in 2003 along with her License as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She became an LPC-Supervisor and LMFT-Supervisor in 2007. Dr. Johnson also became a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor in 2014.

Dr. Rhonda Johnson, Alison Fescenmeyer, and Kareecia Thompson have published two workbooks for families. They are available on Amazon or through our practice.

Dr. Johnson is EMDR Certified, is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, is certified as a Critical Incident Stress Management counselor, and is a Certified Prepare Enrich Seminar Director to train facilitators and administer couple’s assessments. She is a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner for working with children who have been internationally adopted, adopted domestically, and for children in foster care. Dr. Johnson is a Making Sense of Your Worth Facilitator for adults and parents, whose worth is tied to lies and performance vs. the truth that leads to a connected relationship with God, their children, and others.

When considering the reasons a client is seeking counseling, Dr. Johnson considers all stressors and significant relationships within an individual’s life including those from the past and present. By identifying destructive thoughts, patterns, and current actions, a client is able to make choices, form supportive relationships, learn new ways of coping with stressors, and set goals for themselves.

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